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Chances are that your mortgage lender requires you to make monthly payments to fulfill your debt. That's the conventional way that loans are repaid. SMART Payment Plan, however, has found that the conventional way isn't always the smart way. Instead of making one large payment per month, you can choose

SMART Payment Plan's biweekly schedule.

There are several advantages to the SMART Payment Plan biweekly method that will help you take control of your finances and get out of debt quickly. SMART Payment Plan's Biweekly Payment Schedule Most companies pay their employees on a biweekly schedule. That means that you get your paycheck every other week. Unfortunately, many people find that the money from the first check of the month is gone by the time they reach the end of the month. This makes it difficult to make large mortgage payments, especially when your other bills are due at the same time. SMART Payment Plan uses a biweekly schedule that asks you to make a half payment every other week. That means you get to write a check right after you get paid and know that you have enough funds to cover the payment.

Get Out of Debt Fast with SMART Payment Plan

It's easier to write small checks every two weeks than a large one at the end of the month. You will also find that there are other benefits to SMART Payment Plan's schedule. One of the most helpful benefits is that you will pay off your loan faster with a biweekly schedule than a monthly schedule. When you one mortgage payment per month, you only send in 12 payments per year. When you make half payments every other week, though, you send in 13 whole payments. That means you can fulfill your debt sooner and start living without the burden of a heavy mortgage.

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